British Raiding Party


Detta är ett samspel som hålls av ARMA Finland. Vi spelar på deras server. OBS! Mods installeras m.h.a. AFISync. Rollista Join server: 17:45 Slotting: 17:55 Briefing: 18:10 Game start: 18:30 Duration: No hard time limit, but around 3h


Operation "British Raiding Party" takes place 2.5 years later from the events of the Operation "Tea Party", where British forces started liberating Tanoa from the rebel forces. To protect Georgetown, rebels have laid naval mines and placed anti-ship missiles to the village of Tuvanaka. To clear this threat and to prepare the invasion of the main island of Tanoa, British forces have prepared to take the island group and the Tuvanaka Airbase. Engineers trained for underwater operations are ready in Yasa Island, and recon units have just landed East from Belfort. Operation starts before first light.


Arma 3 Adress: Lösenord: kotka You can connect to the server through AFISync. TeamSpeak Adress:

Mod and game mechanic info

Volume and View distance adjustments You can directly adjust audio volume and view distance (within mission parameter limits) with F1-F4 keys. Suppression and weapon sway AFI utilizes suppression and weapon sway mods. Shots landing near cause vision anomalies and increased weapon sway. Firing weapons rapidly also increases weapon sway. Markers We use Sweet Markers System. You cannot set markers during play. Ace3 A-Medical We use A-medical Safestart time Each mission has a timer during which units cannot be damaged or fire their weapons. Some special rules may be imposed in the briefing notes by the missinmaker to be in effect during this time. Admin Call You can contact admins using “call admin” -action in esc menu while in mission. JIP If the mission does not have respawn, then new JIP players cannot join the mission after safestart time + 5 minutes. Your slot is reserved for you if you disconnect during briefing or during game. Only you can return to your slot as long as mission is ongoing. Your avatar will remain in the game and may be harmed during the time you are disconnected. JIP in respawn missions is always possible, but precise behavior depends on the mission. Radios You are unable to pick up enemy radios. You can change radio channels easily from self interaction menu and from briefing notes. Friendly forces You can easily see your sides equipment ,vehicles and troop positions during the briefing from the briefing


Enemy equipment. Usage of enemy firearms and equipment is disallowed unless the mission maker specifies an exemption. An exception to this general rule is granted for medical equipment, hand grenades, other throwables and ammunition. Join-in-Progress (JIP) is possible until the end of safe start. If you JIP, always ask your fellow players for instructions on how to proceed in-game. Use of text chat and map markers are disallowed by technical limitation. Map markers are placed during the briefing phase, and deviation from planning must be acted on granularly at the player level by using communication devices available to you such as radios, flare signals, cell phones, messenger pigeons or local voice communication. Solo play. Don’t become separated from your squad or group intentionally. If you notice you’ve lost your friends, always try and find them and work as a team. Leaders should avoid sending single players to perform tasks unless they can be reasonably certain that the path is clear of the enemy. Administrative reasoning for rule 7: Solo gameplay doesn’t produce an engaging gameplay experience for the players ordered to do so because of their vulnerability. You should always assume that the minimum unit size is 2 players. Ghosting, stream sniping, out-of-game communication. It is unacceptable to do any of these.


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